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News 2010

Sid, the Serpent, who wanted to sing:

Sid, the Serpent, who wanted to sing, by Malcolm Fox (1946 - 1997) is an opera for children. Together with the Musikforum Niedersachsen e.V., which performed the play, directed by Enke Eisenberg, we observed a very successful trip. In addition to the Brunswick Residential Palace, the German stock exchange in Frankfurt Eschborn was one important station on this tour.
Musikforum Niedersachsen e.V.Enke EisenbergDeutsche Börse AG

World Record Currysausage:

World Record Currysausage at the company MKN in Wolfenbüttel:
In addition to the longest sausage and celebrity chef Mario Kotaska also played a crucial role sound on the road to success. With the professional sound engineering the world record was celebrated extensively.
MKN GmbH & Co.Mario Kotaska

Abi Prom of the Gymnasium Salzgitter Bad:

The Abi Prom of the Gymnasium Salzgitter Bad in the Lindenhalle in Wolfenbüttel:
On successful completion of the baccalaureate graduation class of the Gymnasium Salzgitter Bad the prom held in the Linden Hall in Wolfenbüttel. The ball was supported by the company Tiefnig PA and designed so as stylish ball for young and old.
Gymnasium Salzgitter-Bad
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