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DNS Routing / VPN

We are connecting your servers.

You are asking: 'Why' or 'Do I need it ?'

The reason is quiet easy. You need access, via TCP/IP e.g. internet to your server, pc, web-cam or any other device you can't connect to.

Providers allocate dynamic IP addresses (DHCP) for internet connection, but there is not way to your server.

So we decided the placing of DNS server for you. The result looks like this:

 - or you'll get your own domainname e.g.

Using this domain- /subdomain construction means, you get connection from any place in world, from home or elsewhere to your server by an simple name.

VPN Virtual Private Network is one of the possibilities. Access is not limited for using FTP- / Web-server only, you can access all your documents and databases, too. Also you are able to print from home.

Let's talk about realising.
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