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UNIX / Linux

They use LINUX already - then you are exactly correct with us!

We use Linux since our foundation of a firm. Daily handling this operating system contributed to which we can offer to you the optimum service and support.

They ask themselves whether LINUX for you can be a solution?

Enterprises know, what they want for your IT infrastructure: they require achievement, stability, cost-efficiency and future security. The open SOURCE world and the prominent distribution SUSE LINUX offers these characteristics. The graphic KDE desktop offers your well-known working environment to you. This operating system captivates by its features and leaves no desires open.


Simplest installation for everyone - also parallel to Windows
Convincing applications for each field of application - whole without License fee
A surface without mysteries - at first attempt to understand for everyone, the Windows knows virus-safe Internet entrance - also without (expensive) auxiliary software

Price on request
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