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Our objective is, to develop tailor-made and reliable systems, for professional business users. A perfect operation of the chosen system, as well as a simple integration into the existing IT structure, are vital aspects of our philosophy. To ensure this intense efforts are invested into system development in order, to meet the demands on reliability and high performance that users rightly expect.

Desktop Workstation
The demand for small, powerful systems is steadily growing. The development is getting in the direction of small network PCs, which can be flexibly incorporated into existing IT structures.

Example for a flexible and compact workstation for office use.

Intel or AMD CPU
LAN, VGA and Sound onboard
Keyboard + Optical Mouse

Business Workstation
With our business workstation, users have a workstation that meets the highest demands in reliability, continuity, extendibility and investment security. This workstation has been especially designed for multimedia users that do not want to make any compromises in equipment or system performance

Intel or AMD CPU
LAN and Sound onboard
Keyboard + Optical Mouse

Graphics Workstation / CAD
Extreme Precision, Ultimate Graphics Performance

The graphics workstation is the high-end system in the desktop sector. It is the ideal system for graphics or computing-intensive applications, such as advanced engineering, 3-D visualisation, and scientific analyses.

Intel or AMD CPU
SATA- or SAS Harddisk
Gigabit Ethernet and Sound onboard
Keyboard + Optical Mouse

Flexibility in the work everyday life means today for many coworkers above all mobility. Work takes place no longer only in the office. Mobile Computing is not to be excluded from the modern enterprise everyday life no more. Experience unbelievable performance of the Notebooks and settle you at any time and everywhere your work.

Displays 12-15inch Intel or AMD CPU
DVD Drive
LAN / WLAN, Sound
MS-Windows XP

We offers server systems for nearly every area of application. From inexpensive entry-level servers to complex systems, a server can be easily and quickly configured to meet the specific budget requirements and IT needs. Also available with comprehensive management functions, such as remote management over a LAN, Internet or ISDN.

Backup and Archival
Company and research data are one of the more delicate and fragile goods. In the face of potentially fatal consequential costs of a data loss and of an increasing legal relevance of electronical business information, concepts for the long-term data storage, backup and recovery become more and more important.
Magnetic tape systems are still the most cost-efficient mass storage and especially suited as one can easily store the media in vaults. Nevertheless we recommend additional disk-based backup systems for the hot backup of productive data and as first archival layer.
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