Computer / peripheral Network / fibre Telecommunication Service / Support Repair
ISP / Domains DNS Routing / VPN Backup UPS Security UNIX / Linux
Smart IT system house and Internet Service Provider

... for computer, networks, Mobilcomputing (Palm Handheld), and telecommunications. We offer Client / Server solutions, network - infrastructure LAN/WAN and digital ISDN telephone systems with full installation and maintenance support. Structured wirings, for analog, ISDN and networks in 19 inch technology hardly, leave open desires. Your expectation at service achievements and quality are our request, because data security is their and our future.

KX-NCP telephone system

Exchange lines: 6x So
28/52 with digital TWIN-Port
System phones:
24/48 with digital TWIN-Port
analog devices: 24

Price on request
All data correspond to the maximum development
AXIS network cameras
.. is the world's smallest network camera. It's been specially designed for businesses and home users who want a remote monitoring product with high quality video streaming.

Built-in Web server
3 different resolutions, up to 640x480
Up to 30 fps in all resolution modes
Supports up to 20 users simultaneously

Price on request



Gamer PCs

Server 19inch

OS MS-Windows / Linux

Price on request
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